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One Patient, One Tree Guarantee

1 Patient + 1 Tree

Dr. Lindsay Smith at Innovations Dentistry serving Bixby and South Tulsa is pleased to announce our One Patient, One Tree Guarantee.   With every new patient from the South Tulsa and Bixby area that makes Innovations Dentistry their new dental home, Dr. Smith will donate a tree to the Arbor Day Foundation.  Specifically trees will be donated to one of the many reforestation projects that the Arbor Day Foundation has active at any given time.  The Arbor Day Foundation’s “Trees for America Disaster Recovery Campaign” currently is helping Alabama, Missouri, and Texas rebuild their state forests that were devastated by tornadoes and wildfire in recent years.

Trees are such an integral part of our daily lives ensuring the air we breathe and the water we drink is clean as well as providing shade for our homes, parks, and communities.  Trees create beautiful scenery for our families to enjoy at home, work, or vacation.  Trees are quietly improving our quality of life, if you wonder how, just watch the joy a child has while playing in a tree house, swinging from their favorite rope swing, 0r just climbing their favorite tree.

Dr. Smith and his family love the outdoors.  Whether hiking, playing golf or tennis, or snow skiing, the outdoors serves as an integral part of their lives. Innovations Dentistry is proud to offer our One Patient, One Tree Guarantee to the Bixby and South Tulsa Area.  If you have any further questions about this effort, please feel free to ask Dr. Smith or one of our wonderful staff members for more information.